What is a virtual learning platform?
A virtual learning platform (VLP), also known as a virtual learning environment, is a collection of ICT software, resources or technologies used to support learning and teaching, both within and outside of the classroom.

What are the benefits of VLPs?
  • Can ensure personalised learning
  • Can be used for assessment
  • They provide opportunities for effective use of ICT
  • Promote interactive learning
  • Accessible

What virtual learning platforms could be used in Primary Schools?
wizkid.jpgThe VLP used in Hampshire schools is called WizKid. This is accessed using a personal username and password.Wizkid provides a range of activities and resources to safely and successfully promote and support online learning.

moodle.jpgMoodle is an alternative VLP that can be used. Moodle allows you to create online websites to support learning in a range of institutions, including primary schools. It enables interactivity, as you are able to create and use a number of activities/resources, such as quizzes. Moodle allows schools to individually personalise their own VLP, through choice of colours, logos etc. Moodle can be used by installing it on to a web server. Packages created by Moodle can be dowloaded for free. Click here to visit their website.
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