Core Subjects:

bullet_101.gif - useful maths website (maths quizzes and games, specific to NC objectives)

bullet_101.gif - useful games and activities for all subjects
bullet_101.gif - games and activities for different subjects, particularly useful for Core
bullet_101.gif - downloadable resources for teaching Literacy
bullet_101.gif - A literacy game for practising spelling - Look, Cover, Write, Check
bullet_101.gif - Downloadable resources and resources to order for teaching about recycling and re-using
bullet_101.gif - Fun and facts about birds and wildlife

Foundation Subjects:

bullet_101.gif - The National Gallery Website, useful for Art and showing Artists' work

bullet_101.gif - A website specifically focussed upon classical music for children - could support teaching and learning in Music

bullet_101.gif - A site to support learning in music through games and activities. Also provides teaching ideas for lesson plans

bullet_101.gif - Ideas and resources for teaching D & T

bullet_101.gif - A site chich allows children to explore simple machines found in the home, and explore their use

bullet_101.gif - Google Earth. A great resource for teaching Geography

bullet_101.gif - Provides activity ideas for learning about climate

bullet_101.gif - To support teaching about the Great Fire of London

bullet_101.gif - A website to support learning about the tudors

Useful teaching resources and/or ideas: - upload and view videos (i.e. film and animation)
bullet_101.gif - 'royalty free' audio/music
bullet_101.gif - a useful website to view good ICT practice and lesson plans
bullet_101.gif - free animation tools e.g. bullet points
bullet_101.gif - create word clouds
bullet_101.gif - free animation tools
bullet_101.gif - a number of teaching and learning resources, some specifically for interactive whiteboardsbullet_101.gif - a link to a wide variety of useful websites