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What is it?

Phonics Bug is a piece of software that you can buy for your school to support children's developement in the learning of phonics. It also support teachers in the teaching of phonics. (A free 90 day trial can be downloaded at the website: so that the resource can be explored prior to purchasing, to ensure it's suitability for your own/the school's practice).


How does it support children?
It supports children through a number of different activities/resopurces. For example, the whole class can work together using the activities for the interactive whiteboard (e.g. recognising the correct sounds. It also provides a number of e-books and CBeebies videos to demonstrate correct pronunciation and formation of different letters and sounds.
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Comprehension interactive is a CD-rom, which provides comprehension activities. The CD-rom provides a variety of texts, from fiction to non-fiction, with supporting questions. In practice, this could be used with small groups or with the whole class using the interactive whiteboard. The different CD-Roms are year group specific. However, adaptions could be made in practice, such as thinking of your own comprehension questions, or extending these to meet particular needs within the class.