Concept cartoons can be used in all subjects to develop learning. The example provided here is concept cartoon software for science. Concept cartoons support a constructivist approach to learning and encourage children to question and investigate.
This piece of software is valuable for use in the classroom as it allows an argument to be presented and provides further speech bubbles for children’s own ideas to be discussed. Also, the software provides supporting notes/ information to support the teacher.



This is a piece of software which enables electrical circuits to be built. This will be useful for use in schools either to demonstrate different parts of a circuit/creation of a circuit and also to allow children to create them. This software could be used as a way for children to record their practical work.




This is a piece of ICT software often used alongside puppets, to encourage and support scientific enquiry and investigations. It would be good to use in school as the characters would promote pupil engagement, and I feel this would be the case for KS1 and early KS2 pupils. The interactive cartoons also create a context for learning, so that children are presented with a purpose and the learning becomes meaningful. The software also supports planning through the use of a planning board.