'...digital cameras are used to capture images that can then be manipulated, stored, retrieved and presented electronically' (Wheeler and Winter, 2005: p.17).


What are Tuff-Cams? Tuff-Cams are digital cameras designed and created for their suitability for use by children. The cameras are durable, simple to use and their overall shape allows them to be easily held. They are also very versatile as they can be used for taking photographs or for recording videos.

Why use digital cameras with children?Digital cameras help to broaden the spectrum of possibility within teaching and learning, and support the development of childrens creativity (Savage and Holcomb, 1999).



Easi-speak is a child-friendly microphone which allows children to make voice recordings. They are simple to use, as you press a button to record and the same button again to finish recording. You can also play your recording back instantly. The recordings are easy to upload too, as the end of the Easi-Speak is a USB connection, so sounds can be uploaded directly onto a computer. These sounds can then be added into other programs, such as Movie Maker.