Screencast'O'matic is a resource which can be accessed onlione and used for free. It is simple to use -simply access the site ( and press the record button. A box will appear, which can be adjusted in size to choose a selected area to record - whether it is the whole page or just a small part of the screen. Next, you simply select to start recording and a countdown appears. Record for as long as you need and then press 'pause' and then 'done'. Your video can be played back immediately or uploaded to You Tube for a more permanent copy that can be re-accessed. Below is an example of a recording using Screencast'O'matic:

Use in SchoolScreencast'O'matic has a lot of potential for use within school. For instance, it could be used to provide instructions as to how to use different software etc. The resource is visual, and so such an approach could be beneficial in supporting children's different learning styles. Alternatively, it could be used by the teacher to communicate to fellow colleagues about how to use a resource, which could support teachers' continuing professional development. It could also be used for assessment, as it can be a way of recording how children carry out tasks and use their skills. It can also be used for children to assess their own learning, and reflect upon their own skills and practice.