Prezi is an online presentation maker. It is different from other presentation creators, such as powerpoint as it provides a sense of physical movement through the different slides. It is useful for a number of reasons:

  • The slides you create do not have to be created in order, as the path of the presentation is added later
  • The templates provided are interesting and engaging
  • You can work using a 'blank canvas'
  • Mini-tutorials are readily available to provide support regarding the use of Prezi
  • Images can by easily added into the presentation, either through linked images from the internet or from personal files.
  • You Tube videos can be linked into the presentation
  • Size of slides and font can vary, as the presentation zooms into each slide
  • Groups of images/slides/words can be grouped together for ease of movement/editing
  • It is easily accessible, as it is accessed online and is free to sign up
  • Prezis are displayed publicly, so can be accessed by other people to view
  • There are different template frames/diagrams that can be used, to support presentation of ideas
  • You are able to access a variety of Prezis, which is supportive for inspiration, providing examples, or may also provide subject areas which could inform learning

How could you use Prezi in school?
  • Maths - create a maths trail
  • Drama - to highlight different sections of a scene
  • Literacy - to re-tell stories
  • Science - to explain a scientific process
  • Art - to explore devleopment in art
  • Design and Technology - to create a step-by-step design guide
  • Music - to show sequencing in music
  • History - create a timeline
  • Geography - present an outdoor learning journey

Below is an example of how I have used Prezi to create a presentation to my peers:

It coud also be used by teachers to:
  • Present information to children
  • To present children's work
  • For presenting to colleagues (CPD)
  • To present/introduce aspects of the school to visitors
  • To make presentations to share with parents

What are the limiitations of using Prezi:
  • Unable to write in Italics, as writing is subject to the style of Prezi
  • Unable to print individual slides with room for corresponding notes

Prezi is a fantastic resource, and something that I feel I will make use of in my future practice as a primary school teacher.

Click here to go to the Prezi Website



Delicious is a social bookmark. With Delicious you can save, stack and share a variety of useful pages and resources on the web. You can instantly save links, create stacks and share what you find.

How do I use Delicious?
SaveSaving links on delicious makes it easy to find them later on and then share them with anyone. The best way to save a link is to add a 'Delicious bookmarklet' to your browser toolbar so you can instantly save links as you’re bouncing around the web. Or, as you’re browsing Delicious, click "save" next to any link or stack you find interesting.


As shown in the example, saved links can be viewed. You can alter the order that these appear, from earliest to oldest, or you can use the different tags you have used to search, e.g if you are looking for useful maths websites that you have saved, you might search for or click on tags such as 'maths' or 'games'.

StackA stack is a collection of links built around a common theme. To get started, visit the stack tab on your profile page and click “create stack.” Choose at least three links, add juicy descriptions, pick the best images, choose the layout, and shuffle the order of links. When you’re all set, click publish to share your Delicious stack. In school, this will be particularly beneficial to tackle problems of e-safety, as it can enable the teacher to povide a number of safe sites for the children to use quickly and easily, thus avoiding the risk of accessing any inappropriate content. It could also support children in staying on-task.

Share & DiscoverSharing your favorite links and stacks on Delicious is as easy as clicking the share button. This could be useful in school, as a way of sharing resources and useful site with colleagues, thus supporting CPD. In addition, browsing through stacks is a great way to explore interesting topics and find the best web content out there. Follow your favorite Delicious collectors to see what other great stuff they uncover.

Click here to go the the Delicious Site