'The use of interactive whiteboards can enhance lessons by providing teachers with with a range of new delivery methods and teaching resources' (Wheeler and Winter, 2005: p.7)


Promethean boards are a type of interactive whiteboard created for the use of education. The Promethean board has a number of resources, and their website allows a large number of these to be gathered and shared with other educators. This could help to ensure greater versatility and diversity to ensure engaging practice.


On the other hand, SMART boards are used both within education and business, and so the resources provided may be more limited. Despite this, educators using SMART boards are also able to share resources. Moreover, it appears that a greater number or educators have good knowledge of the SMART board, thus peer-training may be more acessible. (Dawson, 2010).


The benefits of interactive whiteboards:

bullet_5.gifEasily used by teachers, including those who are less confident when using ICT
bullet_6.gifFacilitate e-learning
bullet_7.gifAllow a wide range of material, documents, software etc. to be accessed and used to promote
teaching and learning
bullet_3.gifResources can be easily adapted to suit individuals, different age groups, different topics etc.
bullet_4.gifHelp learners to retain information for learning
bullet1.gifThey can help to support pupil discussion
bullet_8.gifEncourage collaborative working
bullet2.gifResources can be shared amongst other members of staff and pupils

bullet_6.gifCan be used to support feedback

(Brown, 2010)



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Promethean Boards - Getting to know the tool bar of a Promethean board

Where can I get resources for my interactive whiteboard to support my teaching practice?
echalk - Free resources for teachers to use with interactive whiteboards and data projectors.
Interactive White Board teaching resources - Web based interactive activities suitable to use on a whiteboard. Activities for all ages, across all curriculum areas.
Interactive Whiteboards - Classroom Resources - Many acitivities suitable for use with interactive whiteboards can be found in subject specific classroom resource areas, such as English, Maths, Science and ICT.
ITPs - These programs have been developed by the Primary National Strategy to provide simple ICT-based images to support modelling, demonstration and exploration of mathematics.
National Whiteboard network - Support for interactive whiteboard users with a wide range of resources, guidance and the opportunity to share resources.
Promethean Activprimary Resources - Freely downloadable flipcharts for Activprimary and Activstudio.
Sebran - freeware software - Freely downloadable program that offers several activities suitable for use on the IWB. Play Hangman, Memory, and Raindrops, or learn Math with addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
Sheffield Primary Interactive Whiteboard Project - Wide range of flipcharts created by teachers in Sheffield. Flipcharts for all Year groups, covering Maths, Literacy, Science, History and Geography.
Symmetry activity - Online symmetry activity that can be used with a whiteboard. Use your pen tool to complete the design. Use the camera snapshot tool to capture the screen and paste it in to your flipchart.
The Lighthouse for Education - Many teaching and learning resources that can be used effectively with an Interactive White Board.

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