TUX Paint is a great piece of software for use in schools. Whilst it is similar to the workings of 'Paint', it provides a much greater range of resources, e.g. stamps, paint tools, magic tools etc. that the children can explore and create with. For example, drawings can be made and stamps and images can be tainted with different colours. TUX paint can be easily accessed and used in schools, as it can be downloaded directly from the website ( It can also be used across all Key Stages within primary schools, as the program is aimed for use by children between the ages of 3 and 12.

How can it be used to support learning across the curriculum?
Art - allowing children to carry out observation drawings, or recording from imagination
Literacy - explore visual literacy, perhaps by overlaying words across an image. For example, writing a fireworks poem across an image/images of fireworks
Geography - creating maps, visual recordings of locations, making posters
History - creating propaganda posters
Design and Technology - To sketch and plan designs


J2E infant tools is a website aimed for use with Key Stage 1 as it is very colourful and the font is extremely accessible. However, it can be used with Key Stage 2 pupils too. It is beneficial for use in schools as it is free, and is thus easily accessible.


J2E offers a variety of activities. For example, children are able to create animations, pictograms and graphs, word processor and paint, using child friendly images. The navigation and key buttons, such as the save button, are also clearly displayed. This could help to support children's use of emergent ICT.
Nonetheless there are barriers to the use of J2E, such as the time which may be spent exploring the different tools and activities before the teacher feels confident to use this with children. Also, the animation activity in particular may be quite difficult to use, especially with young children. Nonetheless, working one to one with a child, or allowing the children to use the resource in small groups, may be a way to overcome this and ensure that children are provided with the opportunity to use this interactive, engaging reource.

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