What is blogging?A blog means a 'web log'. Thus, by blogging, you are making an online log of your thoughts, ideas, news, information etc. - similar to the workings of a diary, but it is shared with other people, potentially across the world.
Who can blog?Anyone - teachers, pupils, LSAs, administration staff - blogging is easily accessible and so can be used by anybody.

Here is an example of a blog I have made
How could blogging be used in school/by schools?bullete-safety.gifTo communicate information to parents
bullete-safety.gifTo communicate information to visitors
bullete-safety.gifTo allow parents to see what learning and activities have taken place
bullete-safety.gifTo encourage discussion of school learning at home and with family
bullete-safety.gifTo share ideas
bullete-safety.gifTo reflect on ideas and events
bullete-safety.gifTo share good practice
bullete-safety.gifTo develop good practice
bullete-safety.gifTo provide children with repsponsibilities - 'digital leaders'
bullete-safety.gifTo provide and display useful resources
bullete-safety.gifTo provide opportunities for home-learning
bullete-safety.gifTo communicate a sense of pride
bullete-safety.gifTo develop a positive school ethos/environment
bullete-safety.gifTo support children's writing, and provide inspiration to write
bullete-safety.gifTo support team-work, as blogging can be carried out through collaboartion and shared reflection

The list is, perhaps, endless.... Blogging in school, by school and/or by children can be extremely beneficial.

E-Safety issuesTo ensure that blogging is carried out safely in schools, it can be set up so that nothing can be published without adult review. This can ensure that everything published on the blog is suitable to be used/viewed by pupils, parents etc.
Blogging resourcesbullete-safety.gifThrough a virtual learning environment e.g. Whiz-kid - used by lots of schools, information not publicly available
bullete-safety.gifWordpress/Blogger - free to use