A Beebot is a robot tool which children can navigate. The beebot is navigated using directional arrows.


A Roamer is also a robot tool which can be navigated to move. However, unlike a beebot, the roamer is navigated using angles i.e. 'Rotate 90 degrees and move forward.

Both Roamers and Beebots are easy to use, and simply require the children to navigate using directional knowledge by pressing user-friendly buttons.

Why use them in school?bullet1.gif ICT - using programming to produce an outcome
bullet1.gifMaths - angles, direction, co-ordinates

bullet1.gif Art - create interesting pictures by attaching a pen and navigating the robot across paper/chosen work surface.

bullet1.gif Geography - Navigation, directions, oppoprtunity to create maps

Useful activities and games to support children's use of programming, directionality and navigation:
bullet_3.gifLab Rat Maze - Find the cheese in the maze (
bullet_3.gifMaze Game - Direct the robot to the key/hammer and find the door to escape (