Why use ICT in school?Below I have created a word cloud in order to show the benefits of using ICT and how ICT can support teaching and learning across the curriculum:

(Ofsted, 2009, Harrison and Hummell, 2010, Duffty, 2006, Marsh, Brooks, Hughes, Ritchie ,Roberts & Wright, 2005, Wells, 2006 ,Murphy, 2006, Loveless, 2003, Sharp, Peacock, Johnsey, Simon, Smith, Cross & Harris, 2009).

However, there are barriers to the use of ICT. These include:
bullete-safety.gifLack of funding in schools (Wheeler and Winter, 2005)bullete-safety.gifAvailabilty of resources in different schools vary (Marsh et al, 2005)bullete-safety.gifDifferent resources can take a long time to use
bullete-safety.gifDiscovering how to use new software may be time consuming

bullete-safety.gifMay cause anxiety or alienate some teaching staff (Wheeler and Winter, 2005).

I feel the benefits of using ICT in schools certainly out-weighs potential barriers. Nonetheless, for future practice, there are a number of ways to address such barriers, including:

bullete-safety.gifSharing knowledge/resources with colleagues (including this wiki) + CPD (Ofsted, 2009)

bullete-safety.gifEnsuring sufficient subject knowledge in order to challenge all pupils
bullete-safety.gifMaking use of free resources
bullete-safety.gifSupporting colleagues
bullete-safety.gifRecognising a teacher's important role as a continuing learner
bullete-safety.gifDraw on children's experiences and needs
bullete-safety.gifBe enthusiastic and confident, and accept that sometimes things can go wrong. (This provides a significant learning curve, and allows you to experience situations from a child's point of view).

bullete-safety.gifEnsuring the resources used are good quality (Scrimshaw, 2004)