Glogster is an interactive poster making tool. It is very simple to use - graphics are provided, however you are able to upload personal pictures and videos that you wish to display too. The poster enables you to save links to useful websites, allowing you access through use of the Glogster. Therefore, they could be used in schools in different ways.

In the example above, the Glogster is child-friendly and so would be appropriate to use with children on the interactive whiteboard, allowing the relevant website and sources to be explored collaboratively. This could work well for use within an introduction and plenary. Similarly, it could be used with a small group of children in order to ensure/enable them to explore websites and sources which are relevant and appropriate, as the teacher is able to select and create the links. Alternatively, it could be used by the teacher as a way of keeping resources and useful sites in one place, for ease of planning/teaching etc, although using it interactively with the children is likely to be more meaningful for them within their learning.